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05 October 2010 @ 06:07 pm
An update - and HIMYM!  
I haven't posted here in forever and a half, but well, I've had lots to do. Moved to a new city, started med school, and all that that means. Lots and lots and lots of new people, a whole lot of events and all sorts of other things going on. I'm loving life very much.

If anybody's interested, here are pictures from my move and from my apartment later on. Captions are in Swedish, but the pictures are universal ;)

Anyway, the reason for my posting anything here: The newest HIMYM episode.

Oh. My. God.

Can they get more slashy? I mean, that wasn't even subtext. That was all out slash! That was pro!Lily and pro!Marshall, both saying they support Barney/Ted. That was Barney putting the moves on Ted! That was Ted responding to Barney!

Gotta go write fic.
cosmic: HIMYM: Barney/Ted whitebananacosmic on October 5th, 2010 04:49 pm (UTC)
I'm pretty sure I'll be writing a tag as soon as I have the time :)

What dd you think of the ep?
idioticonionidioticonion on October 5th, 2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
I've finally posted a comment about this week's episode on my journal. Took me a while!

And I LOVE YOUR ICON! Where did you get that pic??? I love it!