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26 June 2010 @ 03:03 pm
Ghana again :)  
Not much time spent on the internet in the last three weeks, to say the least. I hope you've all been well. I have been - a little hungry at times like I said in my last post, but I've still been well. (Actually, I managed to get both a bad cold and a stomach bug, so 'well' might not be entirely true, but I've been well enough.)

Tomorrow I'm going home. I'm not a new, changed person from this experience - but I certainly have a lot of new views of things, and a great new perspective of everything. I'll probably write a lot more about it once I get back home.

My biggest pride with this trip is that we're going to be putting a child through school. One of the kids, nicknamed Bebe, is three years old and very gifted - she knows the alphabet and can count to thirty, among other things :) We wanted to do something special for her, and the most special thing a person here in Ghana (or really, anywhere) can get is an education. She'll be moving into a host family and start kindergarten this fall.

We're going to build a website to try to continue helping the orphanage. Since we have direct contact with Alwin and Joseph who run the orphanage, it feels really good. One of the other girls, Susanna, who's been a volunteer before, had collected a bunch of money before coming to Ghana, and all that money is going towards building a new home for the orphanage. At the moment they're crammed into two rooms that are way too little for them; 24 kids and four adults share two rooms that are less than 30 sq meters in total (much smaller than my apartment at home). They sleep on the floor. In the new building, they'll have more space and, if we get more money, we're hoping to make sure they get beds as well, or at least mattresses.

I hope everything's going well at home; I'll be home in less than 48 hours. Yay! Swedish food!
Nikki: NH Tree & lightsnakeisha on June 27th, 2010 10:46 am (UTC)
I'm glad you survived and all went fairly well.

Welcome back!