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It turns out that I don't suck as badly at life chemistry as I thought.

I passed.

I am in total and complete shock right now.

Immediately after writing the final, I called my mom and told her that I'd failed it. It just went to hell. Page up and page down with questions that I just didn't understand. And then I went home and checked out the answers that they put on the 'net - it just cemented how much I'd failed it. It wasn't anything of what I'd written.

I took the weekend off because I felt I deserved it (I also had finals in biology and physics, both of which I aced) and then I started studying for the re-exam in chemistry yesterday. Today, I was studying when I figured I'd check if the results were up yet - and I must've caught them ten seconds after they'd put them up, but that's beside the point - and I thought I might as well check how much I'd failed by.

And... I hadn't failed. To get a passing grade, I had to have 45 points. When counting it up at home, I'd counted to about 30. When they posted the results, I had 52.

I don't get it.

But I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth! :D

So, since I aced the other two finals, I am hereby done with this year of studying. I now have all the credits I need to get into med school.

I rulez.

What do free people do?
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