cosmic (bananacosmic) wrote,

NCIS Awards and very, very short update :)

I haven't been on LJ much at all in the last few days and weeks, but... hi! :)

Just looked through ncis_awards. Apparently there isn't a big interest this year (despite the post here and poll here in which 104 people said they'd nominate fics for NCIS:LA) for the Awards. Oh well.

If you would like to nominate, please do. Last year, we had three pages of nominations for Gibbs/Tony, this year there are like... twelve nominations in total. Or something. And where are the Gibbs/Ducky noms? And Tony/Ziva? I'm very, very sure that there are great fics out there. Remember, they don't need to be new from 2009/2010 - you can nominate any fics that you love, that didn't win last year.

So yeah. Nominate :)

In other life-news, I am stressed out but still managing to love life. Yay me. Finals next week. Hoping to pass :)
Tags: fandom: ncis, me me methings, random things are random
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