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Masterpost: The Changed Verse (multiple fandoms)

Title: The Changed Verse
Author: bananacosmic
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Fandoms: HIMYM, NCIS, House (not crossover!)
Genre: Supernatural

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations from the tv-shows "NCIS" and "How I Met your mother". No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Summary: The world goes through the Change, leaving chaos behind. People and animals alike change - suddenly, there are mermaids, centaurs, hell-dogs, mind-readers, pre-cogs...

Author's notes: This is my own little 'verse to play around in with whatever fandoms I want. Supernatural stuff, because I love supernatural stuff. It's not one long story, but little scenes here and there, mostly because my muse isn't working with me on longer, plotty stories at the moment ^^ It all started with me wanting to write about Barney (HIMYM) with wings, and then I did this and I wanted it even more. While suffering insomnia, I came up with this world, and the idea of the first HIMYM story. It just sorta grew from there.

How I met your mother

Stories HIMYM
PG | 2 000 words | gen | The world goes crazy and Barney becomes Ted's wingman. Literally.

Fly girl
PG | 1 700 words | gen | “But if you could. What would you pick, if you could choose?”

The Dragon
PG | 2 700 words | pre-Barney/Robin | The story of how Barney saved Robin from a fire-breathing dragon. No, really.

G | 100 words | gen | Barney uses goggles when he flies.

PG | 200 words | Lily/Marshall | Lily's pregnant.

G | 100 words | gen | Barney hits on a girl and she asks him a question.

Learning to fly
PG-13 | 2 000 words | gen | Barney is forced to fly.

G | 900 words | Barney/Robin | Robin thinks about Barney's wings.

G | 1 500 words | gen | It's Ted's turn to Change.

Timeline HIMYM
Wingman | Learning to Fly | Dogma | Snow | The Dragon | Fly girl | Soaked | Future | Sleep

Other's HIMYM fics in the Changed verse
If you want to write a fic for the verse, do it, do it, do it! I'll love you for it!
Snow Day by bishojo_kitsune
Prompt: Barney/Ted, playing in the snow

PG | pen | Barney and the dragon
PG-13 | pen & pencil | Barney and Robin
G | pen & Photoshop | Snow day (for the piece Snow Day by bishojo_kitsune)


Stories NCIS
G | 850 words | gen | Abby comes into her powers.

Escaping Hell-dogs
PG | 850 words | gen | Tony and Ziva flee when a suspect attacks them.

Timeline NCIS
Light, Escaping Hell-dogs


Stories House
Torn Apart
G | 300 words | Chase/Cameron | Cameron’s change will tear them apart.

Tags: fandom: himym, fandom: ncis, verse: the changed verse

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