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25 June 2009 @ 03:49 pm
Recs: Various  
* indicates my absolute favorites

High School Musical

A promising start by crumbfreebread
[ oneshot ] [ PG ] [ Ryan/Chad ]
Ryan is delusional.
Cosmic's comments: Very cute oneshot where Ryan has a crush on the wrong basketball player.

Friends of normal by amelia_kay
[ oneshot ] [ PG ] [ Ryan/Chad ]
Sharpay wants everything to go back to normal; Ryan never wants to see normal again.
Cosmic's comments: Nice look into Ryan's life after HSM2.

Of Peruvian hats and peppermint kisses by magickalmolly
[ oneshot ] [ PG-13 ] [ Ryan/Chad ]
This was supposed to be the best winter break ever. It was supposed to be perfect. Unfortunately, the excitement, as well as Ryan's vertical state, became rather short-lived when Ryan's foot discovered a hidden patch of ice.

The other side of you by paperclipbitch
[ four chapters ] [ PG-13 ] [ Ryan/Chad ]
“I’m not big on the whole… twinkling thing.”
Cosmic's comments: Long fic post-HSM, ignoring HSM2 (but having a similar plot, except executed way better in this fic). Troy/Gabriella, Troy/Sharpay, quite a bit of Ryan-Kelsi interaction.

With Time And Sleight Of Hand by paperclipbitch
[ 9 000 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ Ryan/Chad ]
Chad’s beginning to suspect that agreeing to go prom dress shopping with Ryan and Kelsi might have been a bit of a stupid idea.
Cosmic's comments: Missing scenes from HSM3. Lots of cute.

How to make a situation awkward by kuhori_rei
[ oneshot ] [ PG-15 ] [ Ryan/Chad ]
Troy runs into Chad and Ryan in the ER. They’re both wet and blushing, and Ryan appears to have a concussion. One plus one equals…
Cosmic's comments: This has to be the most hilarious fic I've read in a long time. A very clued-in clueless!Troy with soo many brilliant lines. Really, anything by kuhori_rei is wonderful, from her angsty stories to the humor.

First son by jalabert
[ 2 chapters ] [ PG ] [ Ryan/Chad ]
Being the president's son is considerably less fun than you'd think.
Cosmic's comments: Lovely AU where Mr. Evans is the President and Ryan meets Chad at Julliard.

Tipping the Kinsey Scale by fools_game
[ 10 200 words ] [ R ] [ Ryan/Chad ]
Chad is straight. No, really. Ryan is not straight, and this doesn’t bother Chad at all. No, really.
Cosmic's comments: Cute ^^


My Past, My Future by Nat_Rulz | More of this author
[ 9 800 words ] [ R ] [ JD/Dr Cox ] [ warning: sexual child abuse ]
When J.D’s uncle comes to town, the whole of the hospital is turned on its head. A story about confronting your past, facing your future and learning a thing or two about yourself and those you thought you knew along the way.
Cosmic's comments: This story works scarily well with what we know about JD. Well-written, but (possible spoiler) I don't like the end.

My Snowstorm by Smudgie | More of this author
[ 11 700 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ gen ]
Doctor Cox is left trapped in his car during a snowstorm with a sick Newbie.
Cosmic's comments: Lovely hurt/comfort, no slash.

How I met your mother

* Best Imitation of Myself by solojones
[ WIP ] [ PG-13 ] [ Barney/Robin ]
Barney Stinson has always been good at putting on a show. But it's becoming harder and harder to hide his true feelings from Robin.
Cosmic's comments: Unfortunately a WIP which hasn't been updated in a while. Excellent characterization.

He's a Magic Man, or Barney started the fire by She's a Star
[ 1 900 words ] [ PG ] [ pre-Barney/Robin ]
While busting out his magic skills, a drunken Barney has a slight fire incident. Robin comes to the rescue.

Empty chair by idioticonion
[ 800 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ gen ]
After The Goat, the gang carry on, but also, they kinda don't.

Through and through by She's a Star
[ 2 200 words ] [ PG ] [ pre-Barney/Robin ]
Post-"Rebound Bro." Barney and Robin patch things up.

* Faces Through the Veil of Smoke by Trollogicfics
[ 8 chapters ] [ PG-13 ] [ Barney/Robin, Marshall/Lily ]
It’s a ghost story. Except for all the ways it’s not.
Cosmic's comments: Except for a few spelling mistakes, this fic is perfect. Angst, cuteness and plot all rolled into one. Great read.

The Benefits of A Heart Broken Over Time by secondmezzanine
[ 1 300 words ] [ ? ] [ onesided Barney/Robin ] [ post 4x12 Benefits ]
The way Barney sees it, there are three benefits to having his heart slowly, excruciatingly broken by Robin Scherbatsky.
Cosmic's comments: Heavy angst but beautifully done.

Still a Little Hard to Say What's Going On by cashewdani
[ 4 400 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ Barney/Robin ]
"Go back."
Robin runs her finger up and down the list like she's kind of an asshole. "To the dinner thing?"
"No, not to that. To the hooking you up with guys thing. I don't want to do that."

Everything he loves by idioticonion
[ 400 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ Barney/Robin ] [ post 4x12 Benefits ]
For Barney Stinson, it isn't all about booze and suits and money and bimbos. Four drabbles.

The No "No Homo" Code by wovenindelibly
[ 3 200 ] [ teen ] [ Barney/Ted ]
With help from the gang, Barney convinces Ted to try something again - for the first time.
Cosmic's comments: There are really too few Barney/Ted stories out there. This one is very nice and cute.

Lush Notes of Sherry by rumidha
[ 4 800 words ] [ G ] [ Barney/Robin (mentioned Barney/Ted, Ted/Robin ]
Once in a very great while, something good can happen after 2:00 AM after all.

* What Dad Never Told Them by katayla
[ 1 400 words ] [ PG ] [ all but canon pairings ]
Like Ted said, there are some stories you tell, and some you don’t. These are some of the stories Ted’s kids won’t get to hear.
Cosmic's comments: Since the fandom mostly consists of Barney/Robin fics, it's really nice to find good fics that aren't about that couple. This is one of those fics. It's very very very good. And plausible.
[ My podfic of this story ]

Tips On Being Awesome by lovethesnark
[ oneshot + drabbles ] [ R to NC-17 ] [ gen and Barney/Lily ]
Cosmic's comments: Barney/Lily friendship, with five drabbles of the Barney/Lily romantic relationship variety. Anything by lovethesnark is lovely.

Five Times Barney Won't Admit It by ocelot_summer
[ 2 800 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ pre-Barney/Robin ] [ post 4x12 Benefits ]
Five snippets where Barney won't admit to his feelings.

Living vicariously by torigates
[ 1 260 words ] [ R ] [ Ted/Barney, mentioned Barney/Robin ] [ post 4x12 Benefits ]
It only took Barney showing up at his apartment with ten thousand stamps before he figured out what was going on.

Monopoly by fifteenminutes
[ oneshot ] [ PG ] [ onesided Barney/Ted-ish ]
"I’ve never, you know, played Monopoly before—with a dude, I mean."

Rain by idioticonion
[ 1 400 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ gen ]
Four ficlets following Ted and Barney's friendship, from Barney's POV. Spoilers for all four seasons.

There will be time to chase the sun by londondrowning
[ 7 700 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ Ted/Robin ] [ post 5x09 Slapsgiving II: Return of the Slap ]
Robin's the mother. So I guess Ted's just been dicking his kids around with this whole epic story. The up side is, his son will still one day grow up to look like David Henrie.

* The bar by maggiemoore
[ three chapters ] [ teen ] [ Barney/Robin ]
Barney's been hiding feelings for Robin for awhile, and while he's been able to keep them in check for now, he finds his own resolve tested by a newcomer from another bar.
Cosmic's comments: Lovely and in character.

The Marshall Process by skyspade
[ oneshot ] [ teen ] [ Marshall/Lily, onesided Barney/Robin]
The anatomy of a conversation, how Marshall finds out Barney's in love with Robin.
Cosmic's comments: Excellent characterization of Marshall, very well-written.

* The Distraction Reaction by imsanehonest
[ 22 600 words ] [ PG ] [ Barney/Robin, Ted/Stella, Marshall/Lily ]
As far as defensive reactions went, The Distraction Reaction was, decidedly, the least effective. The equivalent to throwing the dog a bone when you had a sirloin steak in-hand, any idiot could have told her that it just wasn’t going to work out.
Cosmic's comments: I wish the show had gone this way instead.

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

Death Ray by idioticonion
[ 300 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ gen ]
Billy is given some devastating news.
Cosmic's comments: Prequel.

The Big Bang Theory

Though They Sink Through the Sea by dashakay
[ 15 000 words ] [ PG-13 ] [ Sheldon/Penny ] [ warning: character death ]
She freezes in her tracks. She knows that voice as well as her own.


by Jojo
[ oneshot ] [ PG ] [ Clark/Lex, Lex/other ]
"Clark Kent? Of the Smallville Kents?"